Chick, you rock.
This suit is perfect.
I also want a couple more of those shield protectors.
Those are nice.


Got the leathers and they look and fit great. Many thanks.
The little guy in the brown suit got here today.
My leathers look fantastic! Never in my wilder dreams would I have thought that they could look even better than before they were cut off me after my wreck.
Yes, I am repaired and my leathers are, too. Thank you.

I got the leathers today. They came out GREAT! Very nice job. I couldn't be happier. The back protector fits perfect too. They fit so good I didn't bother taking them off to check and send email! I hope no one rings the doorbell! The lining mod came out nice too. Collar fits good and there are no oddly stressed or crinkled up areas in the leather. The heavier leather on the back seems to look and feel perfect. The color even fits right in.
Thanks again for the nice work - a work of art! If anyone asks who does leather repairs or alterations, I'll send them your way.
LRRS (Loudon RoadRace Series) # 546 AM SUZ GSXR 600

I got my leather jacket and really like the job you did on the name and numbers.
Frank Spangler

Hi Amanda, just dropping a line to say thank you for a great job on the leathers. They fit excellent now! A friend asked about your work so I gave them your e-mail and a good recommendation. Attagirl!!! Well done, Bob Balla

Amanda, You have resurrected a my leathers! They were so stiff that you could hardly get them on and now they feel like the cow just stepped out of them! thanks, I will send the guys your way. Ned AHRMA # 27e

AMANDA!!!! They are just GREAT!!! I'm just tickled with how you did the red and blue stripes with the stars!!! And the lining is super nice( I didn't know what you would do with that!)-- the belt-- the crotch--etc.etc. My,My-- Nancy's going to think senility is taking over--with me wearing them around the house--- maybe even out to eat?!?? And I look Good in them--- well--- I think so!! ( Hey!--- pajama's ??? cold winter nights---?)Don Freeman