Price List

Due to the individual nature of crash damage, we cannot give accurate estimates until the suit is seen.
The varied, numerous and sometimes intricate designs of leather motorcycle suits on the market also cause prices to differ.
All materials used are best quality.


Leather Pillows ... $65
Visor Protectors ... $15
16 oz Bottle of Leather C.H.I.T. - $12.50
    (Cow Hide Invigorating Treatment)


Jacket front ... from $45
One piece front zipper ... from $80
Jacket sleeve ... from $45 each
Connecting zipper between pants and jacket ... $75
Ankles ...from $40 each
Pocket or vent zippers ...from $35
Make a one piece suit into a two piece ...From $175
Make two piece into one piece ...From $150


Shorten sleeves or legs without moving zippers up ... $60
Shorten sleeves or legs and moving zippers up ... $90
Shorten sleeves above the elbow ... from $85
Shorten legs above the knee ... from $125
Add gusset to crotch ... $50
Add leather gussets through sides of one piece suit ... from $110
Add leather or stretch kevlar gusset through whole inseam ... $100
Add double zippered leather gusset up front of jacket ... $90
Add leather gussets up sides of jacket ... from $65
Add accordion pleated leather gussets up sides of jacket ... $110
Take in through inseam ... from $50
Take in through sides of one piece , if possilble ...from $70
Take in through arms ... from $55
Take in through sides of 2 piece ... from $ 85


Many font styles are available, computer generated,so you can make your own and email me the file, but I can't seem to get my page of font examples to be read on the web site.!?
Minimum ... $60
Lettering applied over the hump is an additional $45, when the foam inside the hump is removable. More if the foam is not removable
One colour up to 4" tall ... $8 per letter
2 colour ... $14
3 colour ... $20


Minimum ... $50
One colour up to 10" ... $25 per number
2 colour ... $35


Start ... from $50


Some hard armor gloves are not possible for me to repair, otherwise:
Repair finger tips ... from $35
Repair Vecro straps, patch palms ... from $35


Priced on an hourly basis.

Patch work starts at $50.
Can get new piece of cow hide too cover your whole blown out ass for around $75
A shoulder rebuild normally runs between $40 - $90
Rebuilding a medical cutoff is quite feasible and prices generally start from $250. Maybe less if it was only one arm or leg that got cut.


From $60 depending how yukky it is.

Regular application ... $25
Heavy revitalizing treatments $65

I know I left some things out, so please call and ask about your particular need. We work to cover most all motor cycle apparel needs. Turn around time is quick when you need it for the next race day, otherwise 2 -3 weeks is normal.