Repair Work

So, it's Friday and you're ready to leave work and go home. The UPS guy delivered your new, high-dollar, custom made leathers and you can't wait to try them on ... maybe wear them a while to help "break them in" before the race on Sunday.

Sunday dawns clear and sunny, perfect! You look good heading out for the first practice session. A couple of laps to warm and scuff the tyres and you're ready to find out if new leathers really do make you faster.

Turn #1 looms ahead, taunting you. You wait until the last break marker and tip it in. The next thing you hear is grinding metal and exploding plastic bodywork. You bounce hard once and slide into the grass, the breath knocked completely out of you.

The ambulance crew arrives in seconds and when the EMTs see you unable to breathe, one whips out the trusty surgical scissors and commences to cut your $2000 leathers into pieces! Totaled! Worthless!

NOT to fear! SPEEDSPORT LEATHERS can put those puppies back together. Your leathers will be 100% servicable again, usually with invisible repairs.
Cost: From $150 (for one limb cut) to $300+ for whole suit.

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Cut open suit

Torn Knees

Torn Shoulder

Expansion Panels at the ankle

Leather Cleaning