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People tell us this is an unusual shop,and I guess so, but when years of time are spent living in Speedy sports, it seems quite regular. :)
Stitching is an ancient and really handy trade, I never thought I'd end up a proffessional seamstress, ( my mother is still amazed).It just all turned out that way the week I arrived in this USA,that was over 20 years ago, and from my experiences this is still the land of Opportunity,
So , shortly after landing in the US I was given the opportunity to learn how to run commercial sewing machines, Putting together skydiving suits. Piece work, so you get good and fast and make money like WOW! So I blew all the money on alot of skydives and flying licences, and a 1957 Cessna 182. Moved on to sewing the parachute equipment , which was much more interesting and challenging. Years of working in the field and the parachute factories as an FAA Master Rigger,did some really cool and crazy speedy stuff, and I still always had a motorcycle. Funny thing is how many skydivers thought riding a motorbike was dangerous!